Volksmarching Event Results are in.

We had our Trotting Texas Turtle club meeting in Killeen last night and discussed our Possum Kingdom events that were held this past weekend.

We sold all the t-shirts.  WhooHoo

On the 13K BRA Trail we had 57 hikers.  51 were walking for credit (getting a stamp in there record books).  6 were “free” walkers that joined us but don’t keep record books.

On the 10K Marina Trail we had 52 walkers.  48 were walking for credit and 4 walked for free.

So we had 109 people – not really.  Most of the same people walked both trails since it was a two day event.  They came up, walked one event.  Spent the night and walked again the next day before heading home.  So we probably had 55 actual people come up.

18 of us met up at the Mesquite Pit in Mineral Wells on Saturday night to socialize and enjoy each others company.

We sold 5 new walker packets.  The packets contain an event record book, a distance record book, a coupon for the American Wanderer newspaper, and three walk coupons.  Quite a good deal for new walkers since the record books normally sell for $5.00 each.

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We hiked Possum Kingdom Lake and then we worked a checkpoint for the event.  While setting around we saw this animal and it was very friendly.  Appeared to be used to having people around.

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I Hiked Possum Kingdom

I ordered the t-shirts for those who pre-registered today.  I was disappointed that only 17 people signed up.  Hope we have a better turn out at the actual hike.  A lot of people just don’t pre-register.  Hope they realize that there won’t be shirts for sale at the event.

Possum Kingdom Lake Trails
May 5-6, 2012
Possum Kingdom Lake Visitor’s Center
1677 Park Rd 36
Graford, TX
Click here for flyer.

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Volksmarching: A perfect way to enjoy Spring at Possum Kingdom


T-shirt Award

Spring, especially the month of May is an ideal time for hiking and getting out to explore and enjoy nature; and Volksmarching is an excellent way to do just that.  It is a great way to spend time with friends and family outside in the fresh air and build new friendships.

 You will have an opportunity to Volksmarch the Possum Kingdom Lake Trail System on May 5/6.  On the day of the event registration will be at the Possum King Lake Visitor’s Center at 1677 Park Rd 36, Graford, TX.  You will then drive to the trail head to start the hikes.  The Volksmarch hikes will start and end at the trail heads.  When you register, you will pay a $3.00 fee, which covers the stamp in your record book(s) and walk insurance on the trail.  The start card you will be given will be marked at checkpoints along the route.

There will be four (4) Volksmarch hikes to choose from.  Two (a 6K and a 13K) will be on the new Brazos River Authority Trail System which opened in 2011.  There will be a short and long hike available.  Sturdy hiking boots/shoes and walking sticks are recommended.

The other two (5K and 10K) will be on paved surfaces, gravel, and grass areas in and around the Marina area.  Regular walking shoes is all that is needed for these two events.

Upon completing the hike(s) present your start card(s) at the finish table at the Visitor’s Center to get your book(s) stamped.  If you do not yet have a set of Volksmarching record books, they will be available for purchase at the Visitor’s Center.

The award for this event is a t-shirt, see picture above.  To get the award you have to be pre-registered, giving us your size information.  There will be no re-ordering of t-shirts.  To get a copy of the flyer and pre-register go to http://www.walktx.org/TrottingTexasTurtles/Upcoming_Events.html and click on flyer to print out and complete.

 To find more information on Volksmarching and dates for other upcoming events go to http://www.ava.org and click on the “Find Events” icon on the left side of the page.


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Brazos River Authority Trail at Possum Kingdom Lake

The Brazos River Authority (BRA) has created 16 miles worth of trails that crisscross the Lake’s central peninsula. 

The BRA website says, “The wide trails are suitable for hikers with a wide range of abilities, averaging a 5 to 20 degree slope. You can enjoy the sights and sounds of Texas flora and fauna along the winding trails or at one of the 19 lookouts. One segment of the trail winds to the top of Johnson Peak, where a scenic rest area equipped with benches provides spectacular views of most of the lake, including the iconic Hell’s Gate.  The trails feature signs, as well as maps at the trailheads, to keep visitors on the right path. Water fountains and restrooms have been installed at various trailheads. Throughout the trail system, rest areas with cedar benches have been constructed at scenic overlooks; many named for Texas universities. With titles such as “Longhorn,” “Raider” and “Aggie,” the rest areas feature display signs with information about history, geology and animals of the area.  So there is no need to break the bank paying for fuel on a cross-country vacation, when there is so much beauty and fun right in your backyard in the Brazos River basin. Come check us out.”

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